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Partnerships for Success Youth Survey Website

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming Website

Wyoming Prevention Needs Assessment Survey Site

Wyoming Prevention Depot

2018 KIDS COUNT Book - Cover

2018 Wyoming KIDS COUNT Data Book

2016 Wyoming KIDS COUNT Data Book

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Wyoming Survey & Analysis Center Website

Wyoming Tobacco Prevention & Control Evaluation Website

Media Coverage of Ferguson, MO Protests

Unaccompanied Youth Migrants from Mexico | Map

2014 Political Typology Quiz

Political Polarization in the American Public

Library User Typology Quiz

The Next America: Modern Family Motion Graphics

The Next America Multimedia Essay

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The Shrinking Pay Gap Motion Graphic

U.S. Military Footprint

The Facebook News Experience

Online Dating Icons

Dating Digitally: The Internet, Cell Phone and Social Media are the New Wingmen

Data graphic showing the time periods of recession and job recovery in the U.S.

Recessions and Recoveries

Latinos by Geography Database

One-Word Impressions of Bush and Obama

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All Children Need Children’s Hospitals Infographic Brochure

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Changing Attitudes of Gay Marriage, Gay Family and Friends

Teens on Facebook: What They Share with Friends

Teens, Social Media & Privacy

State of the News Media 2013

The Global Religious Landscape

U.S. Educational Attainment

The U.S.-China Relationship

The Rise of Asian Americans

The Rise of Asian Americans | Interactive Maps

American Values Survey Question Database

State of the News Media 2012

2011 Holiday Retail Sales Forecast

Economic Impact of U.S. Defense Contracts in Indiana

Muncie Downtown Hotel Report

God is in the Details | Message Series Package

21st Century Research and Technology Fund | Report

21st Century Research Funds | Report

GO! | Message Series Package

Illuminate | Message Series Package

Paradox | Message Series Package

2010 CBER Annual Report

Media in the Workplace | Report

INQUIRY Research Magazine 2010

INQUIRY Magazine