An unimaginable number of things can change in (nearly) three years.

In January 2012, I packed up everything from Indiana and moved to Virginia to start working as an information graphics designer at Pew Research Center.  After growing up in a small town and always looking forward to living somewhere that had more than one Chinese place, I found myself at the big show in D.C., doing what I loved for great people.

But no sooner did I get here that everything changed.  My excellent buddy (who I adored for the length of our six year friendship) from college who lived in Wyoming showed up at my doorstep to visit and eight months later, we were married.  And over the last two years, things have come together in our lives to pull us both back to the west.  D.C. had, from faraway in Indiana, seemed like the place I wanted to spent the rest of my career.  But looking at our life together, my whole perspective changed and the bustling East no longer felt life a home I wanted to keep forever.

I was offered a user interface design position at the Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center at the University of Wyoming and Dave, the Cat and I will be making the long, 2,000 mile trek back to the west.  It’s going to be a crazy and exciting next month or so, and I can’t wait to see what awesome adventures God has for us next.