Data Thought: Why are There So Many Mattress Stores?

What's with all the Mattress Stores?

Ok, this is going to sound insane, or at least trigger the common thought-“who cares?”- but why are there so many mattress stores?

I’ve been living in the D.C./Northern Virginia are for 2.5ish years now, and you just can’t get away from them. They are literally everywhere. How could we possibly need so many mattresses? Not to rip off a a Jim Gaffingan joke here or anything, but really? We need the availability of new mattresses to to use at all times, no matter the price range?

I can tell you one thing: my grandparents had the same crappy mattress for the length of their like 60 year marriage and never complained. I don’t know the correlation or causation of this phenom, but you can explore my very rudimentary map of mattress stores using Google maps:

Perhaps I’ll elaborate on this further in the future.

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  1. Mattresses are a high margin business which is why there are so many.

    I thought the same thing about GNC vitamin stores, which is two blocks away from the office.

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