Happy News: Now Accepting Freelance Gigs Out West

Hip to be Square


After lots of thinking and consideration, I’ve decided to start reaching out in the northern Colorado/eastern Wyoming region for freelance graphic design opportunities.  I had originally thought I would focus on my current physical location here in D.C., but with all the great work coming out the area, I felt it was a good time to throw my hat into the ring as well!

Primarily, I provide information/data-rich graphic design services to nonprofits, including user interface and web design for data-rich tools or interactive platforms.  I’ve also jumped into exploring more motion graphics projects and continue to provide print publication services, such as annual reports, research reports, and academic publications. I’ve also been known to work in branding and creative identity development for nonprofits.

Let’s work together to make something awesome, Wyoming and Colorado.  Send me a message about how I can help you tell your story.


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  1. Why not the whole entire world?

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