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Media Coverage of Ferguson, MO Protests

Set of information graphics for Pew Research Fact Tank post about media and Twitter coverage of the protests in Ferguson, MO after the death of Mike Brown.  

Unaccompanied Youth Migrants from Mexico | Map

Graphic for a Pew Research Center Fact Tank article about the influx of unaccompanied Mexican children attempting to migrate to the U.S.  Created using QGIS and Illustrator.

Political Polarization in the American Public

Data graphics created in for the 2014 Political Polarization analysis from Pew Research Center.  I worked alongside researchers to guide the development of series of charts and graphs…

The Next America Multimedia Essay

The Next America multimedia narrative was created in conjunction with the publication of The Next America, a book by Paul Taylor and Pew Research Center.  It featured interactive…

Graphic of the favorability among the last three first ladies of the the United States.

First Lady Favorability: Clinton to Obama

Graphic for Pew Research Center Fact Tank blog about the favorability of Michelle Obama compared to Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton during their same times in office.

10 Facts About the Aging World

Series of data graphics created for Pew Research Fact Tank illustrating the changes in age and population from select countries. Includes charts on shifts in world population, U.S….

Obamacare vs. Philippines Typhoon

Graphic for a Fact Tank blog post from Pew Research Center about cable coverage of Obamacare and the Philippines Typhoon across four major cable news channels.

Data graphic showing the time periods of recession and job recovery in the U.S.

Recessions and Recoveries

Data graphic for the Pew Research Center’s Fact Tank blog about the on-going job recovery period in the U.S. compared to other recessions.

One-Word Impressions of Bush and Obama

Graphic for a blog post about impression of George W. Bush and Barack Obama at the same points in their second terms as president.  Created for the Fact…

Non-Profit News Organizations

U.S. map with data points and charts to show characteristics about non-profit news organizations.  Map created with Quantum GIS software and Illustrator.