Portfolio: non-profit org

New Mexico Tobacco Prevention Data System

Design and development of a data entry system for organizations working in tobacco prevention in New Mexico.  The system was design utilizing Bootstrap and developed in Visual Studio….

Wyoming Survey & Analysis Center Website

Resdesign and WordPress theme development for the Wyoming Survey & Analysis Center at the University of Wyoming website. Included over a year of planning, workshops, stakeholder meetings and…

2014 Political Typology Quiz

About every five years, Pew Research Center updates one of their keystone projects on political polarization and typology research.  A report and interactive quiz is developed to explore…

Political Polarization in the American Public

Data graphics created in for the 2014 Political Polarization analysis from Pew Research Center.  I worked alongside researchers to guide the development of series of charts and graphs…

Library User Typology Quiz

User interface and data visualization design of a library user quiz for Pew Research Center.

Non-Profit News Organizations

U.S. map with data points and charts to show characteristics about non-profit news organizations.  Map created with Quantum GIS software and Illustrator.