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The Abbreviated Y-Axis

A few weeks ago, in probably a troll-like rage against the Internet, I started a tumblr blog

The Important Difference Between Current Dollars & Real Dollars

Recently at my day job, I got to work with some awesome researchers who were looking at the difference in salaries between two occupations over the last decade….

Bubbles are Hard: Islamic Sect Graphic Correction

Information is Beautiful just published a great chart about the different sects, schools, and branches of Islam.  It makes a lot of really complicated information very clear.  However,…

Three Revealing World Maps on Education, Science, Politics

The areas of education, science and American politics are so broad, so complex, that sometimes it’s nice to see the whole package summed up in a few quick…

Sketches: Creating the Library User Typology Quiz UI

Sketching: though it seems like a dying step in a designer’s workflow, I still can’t start a project without.  For almost everything I produce, I sketch some portion…