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Different color sticky notes pinned to a bulletin board

My Go-To UI/UX Tools

In the short 10+ years I’ve been working in design, it seems like UI/UX design, product design, and human-centered web thinking has exploded.  And with it has come…

How to Dynamically Change Your Chart’s Height Based on the Data in HighCharts

Woof.  That’s a long title. Sidenote: I created this based on a JSFiddle that I have lost track of, so if your are the Original Creator™ of this concept…

How to Print a Repeating Header from the Browser

This post should also be called, “Damnit, Internet Explorer: you sneaky bastard.” Scenario We have an oldish web data entry system for a client we recently updated.  One of…

Big News: We’re Heading Out West

An unimaginable number of things can change in (nearly) three years.